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Mid Life Shadows - A Trilogy
by Jerry Connelly

Our lives and loves are songs and we, the poets that write and sing them

    Shadows Song
We meet in the shadows
And walk into the sun
and touch and kiss and laugh a bit
Our time is so soon done

and as the midday rises
reveries entreat
There is no bliss denied us there
In love's surrounding heat

There may be things in heaven
That even angels fear
And pathways into hell 
That a mortal could hold dear

But I'm in fear of nothing
With your beauty in my eyes
The smell and taste upon my lips
From loving enterprise

For now within this mortal web
These memories ere belong
Of undiminished passions and
A poet and her song

   Sparrows' Struggles
With guile I do surrender
A heart that fills with song
And eyes that open in the sun
To savor and prolong
these days when we are younger
Na´ve, blessedly brave 
To keep, again, an open heart
For love that we so crave

The process never ending
The learning ere forerun
and pain surmounted awkwardly
The damage bound and done
we slip into the fields of May
With spring in every heart
to leap at every flirting joy
From which we were apart

So sly my eyes and soft my heart
To start our reckless quest
And enter hell with eager minds
as feign we'd be its guest
then brandish erstwhile sentiments
Against the trials we meet
To take us each in guardian arms
For our tomorrows, sweet

  Inside Outside Fear	   

Its not yet okay you know
Here slipped beyond the noose
To answer our repressed needs
Our wild emotions loose
As all the nights awaiting
with all the joys not met
bring fears of timeless emptiness
To our dark eyes and yet

The dawn of new beginnings
Lures us with its hope 
though just exigencies remain
to skulk beyond its scope
And keep us at its beck and heel
with sensate matters stalled
while every small constraining jot
an answer as its called

But have no truck with waiting
No trust in dally's lure
Just keep within the hopeful orb
of fate's forthcoming cure
our days don't yet have numbers
And hope, as yet, no term
Your breath is loves remembrance
that our scant lives affirm

Here I'll share with you 3 Toasts among my favorites

May you Lie, Steal, Cheat and Drink.

Lie in the arms of someone you love.
Steal kisses from a beautiful woman.
Cheat death at every corner
and Drink always with me - your friend.


When the flames of passion become
the glowing embers of a warm and loving life
may you each discover that you have married your best friend.


Here's to the sailors that go to the sea
and the women that stay on the land
may the former always be well rigged
and the latter always well manned.